Understanding Generators



Beeing safe and comfortable is the key of humans well living and when there is no light or music or internet we do not feel comfortable. Portable generators are made to make our lives easier, our businesses more reliable and our camping days and outdoor activities more enjoyable. Here on generatorreviewer.com you will find your next generator. Complete and helpful reviews will be post for every good generator that can be in use to you.

In this welcoming article on our page I would like to help you to decide what type of generator  you need, based on your requirements. We will divide all generators by output power capacity as this is the first thing we notice when we look for a generator.

To be able to choose proper generator we need to know what the power consumption to our home is. You can check the list of power consumption HERE.

NOTE: This is not a precise LIST of electric consumption of your home. It is made based on average electric usage in American home.

Now when you know your power priorities we can move on.

We will divide generator in three main categories

  • Portable generators
  • Inverter generators
  • Standby or Stationary generators

Portable generators

This is the most popular type of generators because of their ability to be moved and good power output capacity.

Beside output power, generators have other key features that can make big difference when choosing the right generator.


Automatic Idle

Automatic Idle means that the generator senses how much output does the current load needs and it adapts the power that is send to the household appliance. This feature helps to operate more effectively and to save fuel, and it will idle the engine when power is not required in order to prevent wear and tear on the engine, increase runtime and reduce noise.
Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switches are found on home standby generators. They can tell when your power goes out to turn the generator on for a seamless transition. When the power returns, the automatic transfer switch will turn the power off. This is an important safety feature to prevent back feed into the power grid.
Automatic Safety Shutdown

This feature indicates that a generator will automatically shut down in the event of low oil pressure, low oil level, low coolant level, high temperature or other unsafe conditions.
Automatic Voltage Regulation

Automatic voltage regulation will help control fluctuations in voltage to maintain a constant voltage, similar to house outlets.
CARB Compliant

A CARB Compliant generator follows the air pollution standards set by the California Air Resource Board. Although all generators produce some air pollution, CARB Compliant generators produce very little. California residents can only run gas units that meet these standards.
Circuit Breakers

These help to prevent damage to connected equipment by cutting off the flow of power if there is too much current passing through.
Electric Start

This allows users to conveniently start the engine without the hassle of pull-cords. Most electric start units will include a battery maintainer as well. It is important to keep the battery maintainer charged to ensure that the electric start feature will always be ready to start the generator at the push of a button.



Liquid Cooling

This feature allows high wattage generators to run more reliably and with less noise.
Parallel-Kit Compatible

A generator that is parallel-kit compatible is one that can be hooked up to another generator to deliver twice the power.
Spark-arrest Muffler

This feature provides a spark inhibiting barrier to prevent fires.
Total Harmonic Distortion

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) represents the fluctuation of power that a generator produces. The lower this percentage, the safer the generator is for electronics.


When reading this key features it seems that generators can be a lot different one from another even if they have same output power and they are same type.

Every generator in order to produce electric power have its own power source. Usually gasoline is the most spread power source, however gas, lpg, diesel can be found as power source to the generator.  Portable generator have fuel tanks that provide electric stability from few hours to few days it all depends on the fuel tank capacity and the consumption of electricity.

If you want better and more reliable spare source of electricity there are the stationary or standby generators, this generators are also known as industrial generators.

Inverter generators usually are used for outdoor activities or as RV generator.



This type of generators are stationary and you need to consult professional service before you buy one. They need to make precise inspection of needed consumption power and to advise you which generator is good for you and you house or your business.

Best features to this generators is the they have automatic switch which activates the generator the same time when electricity goes down and it shouts off when the electricity goes up again. However this type of generator needs professional service

STANDBY GENERATORS are more expensive from the portable generators and they can cost up to tens of thousands dollars, but in my opinion if you want your home or house to be completely secured from electric black outs then this type of generators are the real deal.



This type of generators are small by size and by capacity and they are great choice for outdoor activities and if you need an RV generator.  Beside their size they are the quietest type of generators that make them great choice if you want quite generator



You can choose from three type of generator


Your decision, about which generator suites you, should be based on your power consumption that you can calculate from this LIST or by checking your appliance power consumption.

If  you decide to buy stationary generator (standby generator) please contact professional service to advise you and to put your new generator in function

KEY FEATURES can make the difference between good generator and great generator read the list of key features above.

If you are from California or you need generator to be used in California buy generator that is CARB Compliant.